Thursday, December 9, 2010

Google's ChomeBook on the way

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The concept of a Web-based computer was conceived 13 yrs ago at Sun Microsystems. It was more complex to do it then than expected but now with the advancements in cloud computing back ends, public networks, and HTML5 there is a great deal of possibility that ChromeOS will coexist with windows, linux and MacOS. Google first announced about Chrome Operating System in 2009. It was  engineered to be web-focused, fast with quick-start up time and ability to run on devices with solid-state drives. It would be powered with a Web store for Chrome apps.

Google is planning to bring forth a laptopn fully based on ChromeOS called the Chromebook. When connected to world wide web, Chromebook is designed to run entirely from the Web. The OS uses Chrome 9 browser for its user interface, with app icons in its main window. The same interface as the forthcoming Chrome 9 browser for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. When disconnected, a Chromebook uses HTML5's offline storage capability to continue working in cloud apps such as Google Docs. Other HTML5-savvy Web apps will also work in disconnected mode.Google has designed a special keyboard with web related features. The caps lock key is switched out for a search button, the shift key has a caps indicator light and a few navigating function keys are positioned above the number row.

This doesnt mean that all windows and linux users would be left aside. Traditional standalone applications can be run on a Chromebook through a desktop virtualization client such as Citrix Receiver, which will be available for Chrome OS. Citrix Receiver is widely used today on Google's Android and Apple's iOS mobile operating systems. Citrix clients are available for Mac OS X and Windows as well.

From the words of vice president of product management at Google Chrome OS itself is still a work in progress due to which actual Chrome OS-based "Chromebook" laptops won't be available until mid-2011, with Acer and Samsung expected to offer the first models.


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